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5 TopMind tips to SLEEP better

5 TopMind tips to SLEEP better




This is probably the sleepiest blog I’ve written so far…



But before we all doze off, I first would like to announce our new initiative. TopMind aims to help as many people as possible to improve the Fitness of their Minds. We do this through blogs, videos, quotes and other content which contributes to your TopMind.



Our TopMind Methodology is characterized by an uncomplicated and practical approach. We are more focused on the ‘show how’ in practice than the ‘know how’ in theory. We help people transform ideas and theory into new effective habits. When tips and ideas transform into automatic behavior is when the benefits really kick-in.



Hence our new experiment: TOPMIND TEMPLATES! These A5 info sheets are small on-the-go sheets with the most practical information about everyday issues such as stress, sleep, energy, goal setting, etc. You can print them out, pop them in your bag, put on your desk or any prominent place where you’ll see them often. Thus, you’ll be inspired to transform ideas and intent into new effective habits.



This week in our first TopMind Template the topic is: SLEEP.