The TopMind Team consists of 10 'TopMinds', all experienced clinical or sports psychologists, physiologists or communication experts.

Currently the TopMind Team is expanding and we are looking for enthusiastic, entrepreneurial team-players (psychologists and marketeers). Interested to join our virtual and buzzing team? Please send us an email: marcia@topmind.com.


The founder of TopMind is Anne-Johan Willemsen. He is a leadership fitness trainer for executives, professional athletes and entrepreneurs.

Having worked for 10 years as a manager at Procter & Gamble and Shell, he is well aware of the challenges entrepreneurs and managers have to face each day. Since 2006 he started as a meditation teacher and over time developed a training method which allows you to train and improve your mental fitness with practical do-it-yourself training.

The effectiveness of the TopMind method has recently been researched by the University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC 2015) and showed a significant improvement in stress reduction, work engagement and empathy after a 100 days TopMind program. The results were published in a renown academic international medical Journal (Int. Journal of Surgery Nov 15).

Anne-Johan is married and father of three boys and lives in Haarlem-The Netherlands.

Find more info about our training-system here

Anne-Johan Willemsen

The founder of TopMind is Anne-Johan Willemsen. He is a leadership fitness trainer for executives, professional athletes and entrepreneurs.

Marcia Dominicus

Marcia is part of TopMind's executive team as well as one of the developers of the tracker. After completing two master degrees in psychology and competing at an elite level in equestrian sports, she began her career doing scientific research in mental health and worked as a therapist in clinical psychology. At TopMind, Marcia works in the role of TopMind Operations and Senior Trainer.

Vanesa Vence

Vanesa was born in Spain where she did a bachelor degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Santiago de Compostela. After her studies, she moved to Holland to continue developing and improving her English skills. Now she resides in Amsterdam and works as TopMind's Communications and Digital Officer.

Nina de Ruiter

Nina is a mental health coach, psychologist, and researcher based in Amsterdam. She did her studies in Clinical and Clinical Developmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. At the moment Nina combines her work at TopMind as a Coach with her research job at the Trimbos-Institute (a research institute for mental health).

Marjon Seriese

Marjon combines her work as a clinical psychologist, GGZ manager and therapist at the FortaGroep with her coaching job at TopMind. She loves sports and used to play korfball on the highest level in Europe and the Netherlands. Marjon likes to bring elements of sports psychology into her work at FortaGroep and TopMind.

Jim Winkens

Jim is one of our Physiologists. As a somatic psychologist, he treats people with physical complaints, caused by mental problems or vice-versa. At TopMind, he will help you to keep your eyes on the ball by being physically and mentally healthy and let you be aware of all your daily (stress)habits!


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