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‘Back to Business’: Work hard, play hard, RELAX!

‘Back to Business’: Work hard, play hard, RELAX!



It’s always an exciting time of the year. The kids return to school and you’ve enjoyed the sunny side of life for a while, abroad or at home. You’re fully charged.



But how can you ensure that the start of this new ‘businessyear’ is going to be a great one? How can you maximise this new energy, instead of being swamped in daily clutter before you know it?



The key element for optimal well-being is finding your balance. Whatever your resolutions are, make sure to keep these three elements in mind, in order to realize all your desires.


See it as the legs supporting the chair you sit on, the foundation of success:


1. Structure and Regularity. How lovely has it been to let go everything for a while during summer? But let’s be honest. After endless lazy days you start longing for some deeper satisfaction than just passing the days sipping sangria. Facing life’s little struggles in any form (such as getting out of bed in the early morning) produces a feeling of accomplishment. This is what makes you stronger and as a consequence, happier. If you succeed in the challenge of managing your daily routine, you’re preparing for bigger challenges and success, such as leading a company. Daily structure and regularity will support you on the way to your higher purpose. There are many ways to practice this, all begin with routine as a key element. Our TopMind Tracker is a great example of a tool which is designed to keep you on track. Think about a beneficial routine for you, both in your work and private life.



2. Fun and Distraction. We all want to celebrate our success and happiness. Let’s face it: What would it mean to reach your goal without enjoying a moment of celebration? Celebrating is fun and it provides us with new energy and inspiration. Most people experience pleasure from being with others. Fun tends to get really exciting when we explore our limits, so visiting that new city with a friend is a great example of optimal fun and relaxation. We tend to be amazing fun practitioners in our private life. But for a motivational boost in work life, it might be beneficial to add in some fun elements there too. Be creative together and explore limits in a fun way. Just have a look at children, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to play.



3. The best for last: Relaxation and Rest. Our body works as a battery that loses and gains energy. You may find relaxation for example through some quality time with your loved ones (including yourself) and rest while sleeping. But it takes more to become fully charged. This is often an insight we discover after taking a break. Many people confuse fun and relaxation, but we need both. When you just work hard an play hard, exhaustion is lurking. And because in our busy modern society with the wide array of mental challenges thrown at us everyday, mental fatigue is hard to avoid. So give your brain a break every now and again. Meditate, seek out nature, do some extensive cooking, whatever works for you and calms your mind. Many of us are so busy in our daily lives that finding mental peace has become our biggest challenge.




So after the holidays, you may have to find balance again. The stool will be most comfortable when the three legs are the same length. Take a moment to evaluate whether you’re still sitting up straight, or you might be surprised by the power of gravity.




Download here a printable PDF with 10 TopMind Tips to ease back into business and stay fit throughout the year.



Keep your eyes on the ball,

Marcia Dominicus