Build a top team with a TopMind!

Do you have a team where you notice that some habits are effective, but also some that make team interactions in-effective? Do you have the desire to collectively focus on a few priorities? Do you want the TEAM to build itself instead of YOU building the team?

We recently interviewed Hans Peters, commercial director of NS Reizigers (Dutch Railway) and the Dutch Commercial Director of the year 2016. He and his team went through a 200 days TopMind Training, which resulted in a significantly better performing team. Read (or see in attached video) about his experiences and the specific components of a team training here.

What’s your name and role?

My name is Hans Peters and I am the commercial director at Nederlandse Spoorwegen (The Dutch Railway).

Why did you decide to do a 200 days TopMind Team Training? 

We began with TopMind training for three reasons. First, we are in a very dynamic environment where every day the demands of politics, media and travellers are increasing. Second, we just redesigned our department with a lot of new people also in my management team and third, we had rather challenging goals where we felt if we kept to our old style of working we would not be able to achieve our new goals.

What specifically do you value in the TopMind training approach?

What appeals to me about the TopMind method is good theoretical structure of the programme from neuroscience, psychology and economy. They offer insight into how you can change certain habits. They have a lot of practical examples among others from topsporters which really appeals to me. And they have a method called stakeholders centred coaching which is based on getting feedback from your stakeholders which gives you great insight regarding your achievements and your teams achievements and this combination really appeals to me. Based on the feedback you receive from your stakeholders you decide on three levels your goals or challenges. The intrapersonal goal, what do I personally what to achieve or improve?, the interpersonal goal,  how do I want to improve my interaction with my peers and as a team what do we want to achieve. Then together as a team and with TopMind we begin.

What did you and the team specifically achieved, what were the specific effects?

I see for myself and my management team that we made some big steps forward and one of the practical things that we have improved is the way in which we conduct meetings and the way in which we maintain our agendas. We pay a lot more attention before we arrange a meeting to what should be on the agenda and to what we want to achieve. Our management team are extremely busy, everyone has a full agenda and our management team meetings are full of decisions we need to make. The trap we can fall into is pushing out the niggling issues because we just don’t have time for that right now.  I notice that we are much more focused on the priorities that are most important, more focused on our destination and if some niggling issues do arise we address them at that moment and really come to a high quality solution.

Do you want to experience TopMind Team Training? Contact me, Anne-Johan for a fun and hands on Team Trial Training? 

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