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We've recently interviewed Hans Böhm, Managing Director and Founder of Beerwulf, a start-up of Heineken. He and his team went through a 200 days TopMind Training, which had a great impact on their performance. Read the interview below (or see attached video) about how the TopMind Program helped him and his team to kick-start their road to success.

Why have you decided to participate in the TopMind Program? 

I initially took part of TopMind as an individual. A.J. coached me for two hundred days, to find where my growth areas where, and then I became the Managing Director of Beerwulf and I realized that here we put nine people fresh together, who never worked together before. It seemed fit to make sure we hit the ground running, because the ambition of the team was very high, but the experience together was zero. And I think TopMind helped us to kick-start that team effort.

What were the main objectives to achieve as a team?

Our ambition is to become the number one craft specialty beer online store in Europe, in three years time. So that is a ridiculous high ambition. We need a kind of top performance team, and that started with getting to know each other, really understanding what are the strengths and weaknesses of the different people, how do we communicate better with each other, and how do we make sure we get the most out of the team.

What were the main results achieved by the team during the program? 

The first year was almost fully supported by the TopMind Program. In nine months, we built the store in the Netherlands, we became number one in The Netherlands and we also opened up stores in UK, France, Belgium and Germany. In the meantime, we enlarged the team from the eight people we started with to the current thirty-four people.

How was TopMind of help during this time?

TopMind helped us remind every time how well we were doing. Because I think we put very ambitious people together who were online looking at what is not yet there. TopMind also reminded us to focus on all the things we actually achieved.

Could you describe the training in your own words?

The essence for me of the training is that your focus can be only in one place and that is here and now today. And not being distracted by regrets from the past or worries about the future.  And I think that fits very well with the way of working we like to do. We want to work in the so-called agile way of working, MVP (Minimal Viable Product) based, and that is also more focused today on the activities you can influence, versus the worries on the long term.

What individual results have you noticed within the team members? 

The individual results should focus on the individuals and I think they are very widespread. Some people really accelerated on their personal physical health, others made emotional steps, and that is interesting of the program. It is a group effort but everybody picks out their own individual targets.

Would you recommend the TopMind Program to others? 

I would definitely recommend the TopMind Program to others, both individuals and teams. I like the way of working, it is opening up both the physical and the mental fitness part, but it is done in a very down to earth way of working. And I think A.J. always talks about pay for performance but it really pays off.

If you want to know more about our Programs, you will find everything you need via the following link However, you can already start your way on to a Top Mind with our TopMind Tracker. 

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