The 6 proven HABITS of High Performers

This week’s vlog is about a book written by Brandon Burchard, one of the most popular performance coaches in the world (he has more than 100 million downloads of his online training videos). The book is about the 6 KEY habits of people who he identifies as high performers for a sustained period. It is based on a profound study conducted by Brendon among thousands of people all over the world.

He offers his sure-fire formula to achieving high performance and a happier, healthier life through cultivating “6 Habits”. These habits take years to internalize, but when you master them, you’ll gain a sustainable advantage in achieving what’s important to you.

Burchard believes peak performance derives from building the right six habits: the “High Performance 6” (“HP6”). He suggests practicing these habits for as many years as it takes to master them. That is no easy feat, but he argues that practicing the HP6 will align your life, work and other endeavors around achieving what’s most important to you. The six habits are:

1. Seek clarity

Reflect on what brings you meaning and purpose, connects you with others, and aligns you with your values and sense of who you are. What skills and strengths do you need to develop to reach your goals? To gain clarity, understand yourself in four key areas: Self, Social, Skills and Service.

2. Generate energy

Stay mindful about your work, health, diet and sleep. Increase your energy with three practices: Release tensions and set intention, Bring the joy, Optimize health.

3. Raise necessity

Convince yourself of the absolute need to reach your objectives and perform well.

4. Increase your productivity

3 productivity habits:  Do more of what matters (Prolific Quality Output),  Chart your five moves, Get insanely good at key skills. 

5. Develop influence

Constructively encourage those around you to aim higher and do better. Encourage candor, high ethical standards and perseverance. Describe what you see in people and how much they can contribute.

6. Demonstrate courage

Courage correlates with high performance more than any of the other HP6 habits. Demonstrate courage by consistently overcoming your fears.

Hope you like this subject. If you want to know more about one or more of above habits, and to get a deeper level of understanding, let us know in the comment box.

Keep your eyes on the ball!


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