The power of a TopMind – Interview with Golfplayer Reinier Saxton

Reinier Saxton is a professional top golf player from Haarlem, The Netherlands. In May we had a short interview with Reinier at Golfclub The International in Amsterdam about his experiences and results of his TopMind Training during the past 8 years. You can watch this interview in the video.

In addition to above interview we posed Reinier a few specific questions about the use of the TopMind Tracker, a coaching service we offer our key clients to follow up on their intentions and plans.  See below.

You mentioned in the film the support of a ‘tracker’. What is this tracker about?

It is a service to give me structure and support in my training & development. We have clearly specified objectives and identified ways to get there. However, these objectives and plans are still ‘theory’. The real value can only be achieved through consistently doing what you intended to do on a daily basis.

Why would someone need a way of Tracker coaching like this?

Coaching in itself is already essential. You cannot do it just by yourself. But the coaching with the tracker is valuable because you are apt to forget what you have ‘promised’ yourself to do. There are so many distractions out there and in here (points at his head: red).

Can you explain it in a little bit more detail how it practically works?

You set up a scheme of personal questions about values, behavior or new habits of which you think that reminding and repeating them daily will help you get where you want to go. These track points can be personal, professional, relational or anything else in work and life. Mostly it is about ineffective behavior that you want to change, or healthy habits you want to develop. In the end we are a collection of certain habits. Improving as a professional in a great extend is about changing bad habits or adding new healthy ones.

After trackpoints are defined a psychologist calls me daily to briefly takes me through this list. This chat takes about 2 minutes. And when I’m traveling I receive a sms. Than after a week and month I receive a little overview in the form of a scorecard. This overview shows the progress I make towards my goals.

Can you give an example of one of your personal trackpoints?

I’ve got quiet a few. But for example some questions are about my morning habits. How to start my day during tournaments or regular days in the right state of body and mind. And literally one of my daily track points is: in what extent did I have a positive and focused attitude today? (Scale 1 to 7) By answering this one each day, it will stay top of mind over time.

Why is it different from other ways of coaching?

Less is more. You focus on just a few things, but because it is repetitive, it gets ingrained in your behavior better. Moreover it’s more of a process of continuous improvement instead of a ‘once off’ coaching practice. This also makes it more rewarding because you can celebrate or evaluate your achieved results.

What have you been able to achieve, that otherwise would have been more difficult to achieve?

I developed new and healthy habits more effectively and quicker. Before I used this tool, it took me months or often years to develop habitual behavior. If I developed them at all….

There are two ways to do the tracker. A. Verbally/ personal, (a performance psychologist calls you daily for 2 minutes) or B. manually (you fill in the list via SMS manually). Which one is more effective?

Both are hugely effective, but the human connection, i.e. the one of a daily phone call is a little more confronting, which works very well for me.

Thanks Reinier and good luck with your season this year!

TopMind™ Habit Tracker

I hope these three tips will be useful for you. We understand that unless intend to use them, it is hard to bring these into practice. We therefore will launch a new training tool, theTopMind Tracker. This tool will help you successfully convert your intentions into habits. Interested? Subscribe below or find more info here.

To a ‘TopMind’ !

Regards, Anne-Johan

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