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Change Your Life For Good and Stick With It

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You might ask, how can I kick bad habits – and stick with it?

Now more than ever, healthy and ‘sticky’ habits are more valuable than ever before. For a lot of people health and happiness are at stake. Home working, social isolation, viruses, ambiguity, economic setbacks. Yes, happiness (and to a certain extent our health) cannot be found outside ourselves. It is within, with insights and follow up.

How would it be if right in this period you can add one or two healthy habits?

We might have promised ourselves a few things before, right? Get in shape, start eating healthy, quit smoking, or finally finish that one book you’ve been putting off for ages. Let the author of this weeks’ book help you stick with it.


Let’s shape up, both our minds and body. Are you ready?


Behavioral change requires more than just changing bad habits. Changing behavior works best when you take the entire change as a process, and not a goal in itself. Of course, our mind plays the most crucial role in behavioral change, but the sequence of actions each and every time done, will shape the mindset.


According to Dr. Sean Young, an award-winning psychologist and an authoritative new voice in behavioral science, “People need to change their actions, and their minds will follow.” 

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One way to add your game plan towards lasting behavioral change is to surround yourself with people, or an organization with like-minded goals. This I believe is an excellent example to follow.




Because like-minded people can offer your safe space to confront problems, and the people around you will provide support throughout your journey and increase your chances of success.


Now here are some tips to help you stick with your goals:


●     Create a rewarding system each time you accomplish your goals.

●     For an effective behavioral change, form new habits such as routinization.

●     Make your calendar as your coach to keep you on track.

●     To aid the transition, join a community where there’s trust, inclusion, and shared purpose.

●     Meditation is a beneficial habit to replace a bad habit.

Use these tips to turn your life around by creating good habits that stick.

The Visual Mind Map is your guide on how to stick with your good habits and eliminate the bad ones. ‘Stick With It’ shows that it is actually possible to change behaviors ranging from overspending to creating a weekly budget for your essentials, sticking to a diet, becoming more social and exercising regularly.


Here is the Visual Mind Map of ‘Stick With It’ by Sean Young click here.


If you want to have the A3 poster version download the PDF here.


You can read the one-pager executive summary by clicking here.

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