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How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More!




Have you ever wondered why do some people perform great at work while others don’t?


It has been a spoken rule that if we want to be the best in our field, we must grind like beavers. We simultaneously master and perform so many tasks that we ended up doing them very poorly.


Great At Work by Morten T. Hansen will put a light on what it takes to be the best performer and achieving outstanding results while maintaining your work-life balance.


The Visual Mind Map of Great at Work is your guide to dive deeper into the seven principles that Morten T. Hansen conceptualizes in a comprehensible and digestible way. It’s time to implement and practice the seven ‘Work Smarter’ principles that will transform your perception of delivering your best performance in the fast-moving business environment.


With the additional executive summary, you’ll discover more about:


  • Recalibrating how you perceive success and achievement by reducing tasks instead of burning yourself out.
  • Doing what you passionately love with a sense of purpose will create a continuous flow of learning and innovation in work.
  • Mastering of working with the oppositions. 


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