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Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Start with Why by Simon Sinek





Start with Why by Simon Sinek




Entrepreneur Simon Sinek “hit rock bottom” in late 2005. He had started his own consulting business in 2002, but three years later, he ran out of passion. Dead-ended, Sinek thought about what made him happy. He wondered why some leaders and companies succeeded and others do not. He realized that inspirational leaders identify a purpose and follow it.



The actions they take and what they make is secondary to achieving their mission. Every instruction leaders give, every course of action they put in motion, and every target they set begins with the same thing – a decision. Some decide to hammer doors into place; others start somewhere very different.







In this Visual Mind Map, we’ll be exploring the second path. As we’ll see, this is what guarantees long-term success.



It all begins with a simple but powerful question: Why?



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