TopMind™ Tracker

According to research almost 90% of our change intentions fail. 25% of all people give up their efforts within a week (sports, diet, behavior). It 's very hard to consistently do the things you intend to do for a while.

The TopMind Tracker is designed to help your mind keep on track. 

Our mind is not made to make us feel either happy or successful. It is made to make us survive. And a 'mechanism' that is designed for survival resists our intentions that challenges the status quo, i.e. among others 'growth'. In order to personally grow you need to train the mind to 'keep the eyes on the ball' for a while to learn new things or implement effective habits in your life. 

The TopMind Tracker provide the expert guidance and structured approach which makes all the difference when it comes to keeping on track with training good habits. It takes care of the actual realization of your goals in a structured and consistent way. 

It will help you keep the things that really matter to you, Top of Mind. 


  • A continuous self-improvement process - This agile and very practical process enables you to constantly adapt your approach, goals and intentions, based on actual insights gained along the way.
  • Measurability - Weekly and monthly fact-based feedback on your progress.
  • Daily reminders of personal values - To help you stay on track, day in day out, with the values and people that truly matter to you.
  • You do not need anybody, but yourself. The Tracker is a fully automised process which you can do just by yourself. Only IF you like, we can help. 
  • No initial costs involved for a month with optional FREE coaching.

Very time efficient! The TopMind™ Tracker makes no additional demands on your time.  There is no need to take time out from work as you’ll be trained and coached while you’re on the job. You also don’t need to fit any additional activities into your schedule, apart from a daily two-minute text message.

The end result is lasting effective habits which will ALWAYS generate the results you strive for. The Topmind Tracker is a great tool to track your habits and improve the fitness of the mind.

How does it work?

  1. Create habits: you make a list of questions that will help you to reach your goals through practice over a long period of time, regularly and measurably. There are clear instructions and examples and support to help you formulate your questions.
  2. Save time: every day you receive a message to answer the questions and the tool will track your progress. This will take only 2 minutes of your time.
  3. Measure progress: every week you receive your weekly scorecard with your overall scores, trends and tops & dips.