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(Video) Interview with the NR 1 executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith

(Video) Interview with the NR 1 executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith

With great pleasure, I interviewed Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s Nr 1 leadership thinker, about his daily question process. This process does not cost you anything, takes only a few minutes a day and will get you almost everything in life you wish for. Yet only few people commit to this process for longer than a couple of days……. 

Last week I had an appointment with an executive of a large FMCG company.

I knocked on his door and he replied politely: ‘what can I do for you?’ I replied, ‘we have an appointment scheduled for 10 am’. He said that he wasn’t aware of it and asked me who I was. I told him my name and explained that I am a leadership fitness trainer. His reply was: ‘trainings don’t work!’ in a firm and slightly agitated voice. He continued: ‘I have never seen any lasting change in my organization as a result of management training or coaching. When I or my personnel attend training sessions we return inspired but have forgotten about it 4 weeks later’. I replied: ‘I think you’re right’! A lot of leadership and coaching programs do not have the desired long-lasting effect.  This sparked his interest and he replied: ‘so, what do you want from me, if we both agree that trainings do not work’. ‘I’m not a management trainer; I replied I’m a fitness trainer; I help leaders to become both mentally and emotionally fitter. I help them develop healthy habits with a disciplined, measurable, consistent daily follow-up process. Those who really want and understand what it takes to grow will become more effective leaders’.

His next question was: ‘Coffee?’ 

We sat down for almost 90 minutes and talked, as we ran out of time we ended up scheduling a new meeting for a few days later. He brought along some people from his team and we did an introduction workshop which ended with the intent to start the TopMind program.

Most people these days don’t doubt the effectiveness of coaching or training. But coaches and consultants often make it hard for themselves and their clients because they oversell the benefits and undersell what it takes, i.e. the costs involved, to get there.

10 to 20 % of all change intentions succeed, 80 to 90 % of them fail (Martin Appelo). And the costs involved in increasing your percentage of success are significant in terms of discipline, struggle, time, patience, etc.  

A couple of weeks ago I received a personal invitation from one of my biggest role models and sources of inspiration, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. He invited me to come over to Salt Lake City for a FREE two-day training program with him and a handful of other coaches. Marshall is 70 years old and about to retire. Now, at the end of his career, he wants to pass on his wealth of knowledge to the next generation.

During the 2 days seminar, Marshall talked a lot about a process he calls, the ‘daily question process’.  He explained how this simple process does not cost you a penny, takes very little time, and is guaranteed to help you succeed at almost everything you desire in your work and private life. However, he adds, only a few people will continue doing it for longer than 2 weeks. Not because the process is not effective, but because, in a way, it is too effective. The reason why people stop doing it is that it is too confronting for them, to face the reality of their lives day in and day out. The results especially in the beginning look very different from the ideal picture they had in mind at the start of the process. This process is very easy to UNDERSTAND yet it is very hard to DO. 

And we’ve made it easier for people to commit to with our online TopMind Tracker system. It enables you to get real-time insight into your progress, and it is automated so that you receive the questions at a time that suits you best. We named this tool: the TopMind Tracker. And Marshall is a raving fan of it.

Curious to know more? Check out my personal face-to-face interview with Marshall in Salt Lake City/ USA. (watch the video)

Enjoy watching!

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