Our goal is to measurably improve leadership effectiveness.

We are fitness trainers and help leaders improve the fitness of their minds to perform better in current volatile, complex and uncertain business world.

With our scientifically researched training method we train, track and trace ‘TopMinds’ to career lasting performance growth.

Science based

Research by the University of Amsterdam (2015) has shown TopMind’s method to result in significant improvement in focus, stress reduction, specialty satisfaction and empathy. This frees the mind to experience better awareness of the moment by eliminating distractions from “background noise”, both internally such as emotions and thoughts, or externally such as the excess of information. Practitioners benefit from the ability to stay calm, recognise what’s really important and concentrate on delivering effective solutions, as well as enjoying life more fully.

What do we do?

We offer performance-based Leadership Fitness Training to individuals and business teams. Practice will strengthen the ability to focus and shift intentions into tacit daily habits or other effective behavior in a way that can be sustained for a long enough period to realize results. We do this for business teams, corporate managers, entrepreneurs or professional athletes in instructor-led and web-based environments and offer hands-on coaching.

Measurable results

We start the program with a physical TopMind test and a (360) assessment of key stakeholders. Both assessments indicate your current level of fitness and potential for growth. We do the same during and at the end of the program to measure the effects.

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We look forward to meeting and supporting you on your journey to achieving a TopMind!

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