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Why FUN always wins….(10 tips)

Why FUN always wins….(10 tips)



Do you know WHY having FUN makes your GROW faster?



Today my son, Sieb sent me a video with something he is proud of. I am currently abroad, so he couldn’t show me his latest achievement in person. In the video, he showed me his newfound skill, the so-called ‘side flip’ and ‘back flip’. What a star! Check it out in this video.


What has a 12-year-old kid doing a side flip got to do with leadership fitness?



Last week I followed a masterclass about what is needed to increase the odds of lasting growth, based on solid scientific research. This masterclass was given by Ben Tiggelaar.




Ben is a practical behavioral scientist based in the Netherlands. Over the years he has studied all the major global scientists working in the area of behavioral change and uses only the practical insights from meta-studies in his books and seminars.



Here are 10 BULLETS POINTS I jotted down during the 2 days masterclass



  1. If you cannot show it or imitate it, it is NOT a behavior
  2. ‘Behaviour’ is the most neglected but most crucial ‘missing link in any change intention.
  3. FOCUS! One behavioral goal is enough (and for most already too much)
  4. It takes 18 (non-complex behavior) to 254 (complex behavior) days to form a habit… and you can skip a couple of days (or more)….
  5. Fun always wins! (If it is no fun at all, save yourself the bother)
  6. But PAIN, in the end, is stronger than PLEASURE!
  7. ‘Pain’ relates to one or more of these 5 elements (SCARF): Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness
  8. We overestimate what we can achieve in the short term, but underestimate what we can achieve in the long run.
  9. Don’t try to CHANGE yourself. (you are already OK!!!… You’d better leverage a behavior that you already possess and have fun developing it to the ‘next level’.
  10. Self-monitoring (e.g. tracking) is one of the most powerful techniques to support the behavioral change process.



Back to my son Sieb and his ‘flips’. Sieb had a very clear image of what he wanted to learn, i.e. 2 different ‘flips’ (FOCUS). He was motivated and had FUN in the process, although the PRACTICE was difficult, he sometimes experienced PAIN, which taught him to adapt. It took him appr. 6 months to learn (PERIOD). He didn’t have a deadline. He recorded his moves at least once a week and studied the video (Self-MONITORING).



Bottom line: he focused his INTENTION and his ATTENTION for an extended period of time, in the end, he acquired a new skill which he is proud of (and his daddy too …)



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In the meantime, keep your eyes on the ball!



Bye AJ



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