Work Less, Achieve More!

A 30-day TopMind Challenge

TopMind training is delivered by Anne-Johan Willemsen. For the last 10 years he has been helping others succeed through fusing his TopMind principle with his first-hand awareness of business challenges.

Anne-Johan originally started as a meditation teacher in 2006 and founded TopMind in 2008 to coach professional (inter) national sports athletes, such as professional golfers, footballers and Olympic sailors. His system proved
to enhance their competitive performance through improving their mental focus.

Now, business executives and entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to acquire the mindset which elevates top sports-people into champions. Clients to date include leading companies such as Heineken, Shell, ABNAMRO and Phillips.

Anne-Johan Willemsen

Back to Business Challenge

Shape Up in 30 Days

Anne- Johan Willmesen


Dear TopMind!

Welcome! You are here because are interested in the 30 days Back to Business Challenge. Good choice. I am ready for you to help you develop and mentally, physically and emotionally SHAPE UP! In this letter I will explain what you can expect.

Did you know that you could Do so much LESS, and ACCOMPLISH so much MORE in your work? See, for more than 10 years now we measure the progress of our clients. And recently we ran the numbers and re-studied the research being done by the University of Amsterdam…

So What’s The Difference?

TopMind participants improved their JOB SATISFACTION, decreased their STRESS level and became more EMPATHATIC up to a year after the training (University of Amsterdam/ AMC, 2015).


With a very SIMPLE training process that does not cost you a lot of time, nor effort they simply improved their performance and well-being. But the bigger question here is… WHY?

“Why Do TopMind Participants Get Better?”

It’s not by luck or coincidence…or that our clients are extremely self- disciplined…. It’s not because we walk you through cutting-edge strategies and technigues… (you have learned already quiet a bit of these!). And it’s not because we bring in guru’s on mindset and personal development… (because you don’t need them…)

It’s because at TopMind, you’ll learn the SMALL PRACTICAL STEPS and help you to develop the HEALTHY HABITS to get from where you are right now, to the next level. And we support and nudge you in this process AND measure your progress!

No matter where you’re at in your life and work……

I am here for you. Subscribe for this program below.

Hope to see you soon too, AJ



What to expect?

What to expect?

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