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  • Bart Vriends over TopMind Training

    How hungry are you?

    Bart Vriends is a 25-year-old professional soccer player. For the past three years he has played for Go Ahead Eagles, and was twice jointly responsible for his team’s promotion. He was the captain of the team for two years and the absolute favourite of the very loyal and fanatical Eagles’ fans. Although various other national [...]

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  • Harald Swinkels positief over TopMind Training

    Stop talking, start walking….

    Above you’ll find a video and short interview with Harald Swinkels, the CEO and founder of the Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij (“NLE”) and one of the most successful Dutch entrepreneurs of the last decade. I got to know Harald really well in the past months doing a TopMind Programme together. Before and at the end of [...]

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  • Give yourself a B.R.E.A.K.!

    I work with athletes and business leaders who are often ‘hungry’ for personal growth, yet some achieve the desired results and some don’t. What is the explanation for the difference? And how can you boost your own personal growth?  Here are some practical tips (See the 5 tips in the bottom) Give yourself a B.R.E.A.K.! My son (11), a [...]

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