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  • TopMind video

    TopMind Training in 1 minute

    Tired of reading all these blogs and tips? Have the TopMind Training explained in 60 seconds… TopMind™ Training in 1 minute from TopMind™ on Vimeo. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TopMind™ Habit Tracker And when you are ready to start your own free training now, subscribe or find more info here. Offer valid untill June 1st. To a ‘TopMind’ ! […]

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  • support

    The power of a TopMind – Interview with Golfplayer Reinier Saxton

    Reinier Saxton is a professional top golf player from Haarlem, The Netherlands. In May we had a short interview with Reinier at Golfclub The International in Amsterdam about his experiences and results of his TopMind Training during the past 8 years. You can watch this interview in the video. Topgolfer Reinier Saxton over TopMind from TopMind™ […]

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  • Relax

    Relax in your weekend! (3 tips)

    “When I’m home, I’m not always really home. It’s difficult for me to stop thinking about work and relax during the weekend.” These are quotes we often hear. Not only is this annoying for the person in question, but also for the people surrounding them. Furthermore, if this happens frequently, it will negatively affect your productivity, health, satisfaction […]

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