" I believe that Coaching is overrated and Training is underrrated. How many things in life have we learned just by 'knowing how' to do it? Everything we are capable of doing, is a result of a process we call 'Practice'.
Anne-Johan, Founder TopMind


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We are proud of the people who we have been able to help date. Here are just a few of their stories

       Since working with TopMind™ I am a much more self-aware and authentic colleague, friend and partner. I would recommend them to work with anyone who wants to invest in their self development and awareness for the long term. It can be a life changing experience.

Elaine Cuthill

Marketing Manager - Heineken

I wanted to improve my health, work effectiveness and private life. I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend this training to anyone. Especially to those who have, as I call it: 'a restlessmind'.

Harald Swinkles

Founder and CEO - NLE


       I have added a lot of new tools to my repertoire. I have become more composed, more versatile and experience this every day as an enormous asset. I’m hugely enthusiastic and can recommend it to anyone who takes their own performance seriously.

Roland Pechtold

CEO - VanderValk&De Groot B.V.

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