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3 Strategies to ‘Work Less and Achieve More’

3 Strategies to ‘Work Less and Achieve More’


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A client called me recently and asked, “Please help me set priorities. It is too overwhelming at the moment. I can’t distinguish the noise from the signal anymore.”



A lot of people suffer from having too much… Too much work, too much stress, too much information, too much change, too many meetings, projects, etc., etc.

The promise we make to our clients is: Work 20% less and Achieve 20% More. We know that the solution to this attractive idea is simple and achievable. Microsoft’s Experiment proves this.





Microsoft experimented with a 4-day work week in its’ Japan office, and productivity jumped by 40%! The company also reduced the amount of time spent in meetings as part of the project by implementing a 30-minute time limit.



A 40% increase in productivity, with a 20% reduction in working time, with meetings lasting no longer than 30 minutes!



This experiment, however, is done for an entire office. But with the following, you as an individual can achieve this. Here are our 3 most important strategies to make you work less and achieve more:



  1. Measure your growth
  2. Delegate self-discipline!
  3. Invest 3 minutes a day in your personal growth

… and achieve almost anything you want!





First strategy- Measure


‘What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done better and what gets rewarded gets repeated…..’ John E Jones III.



When a pilot flies an airplane he doesn’t only rely on the senses and feeling, he has a lot of switches and meters in the cockpit to help him. After reviewing the metrics he decides what to do next.



Similar to the field of personal development, we can choose from so many different ideas and methods on what to do next. In the overload of information and emotions, we sometimes tend to forget what it is really about. A simple and accurate way to measure will help you stay on track.



Second strategy- Delegate discipline


A couple of years ago a client, a successful professional athlete, admitted that he liked the TopMind Training and sees the value, but had difficulties integrating what he learned into his daily practice.



If he, an instinctively motivated, disciplined person, lacks the discipline to develop new habits, who else has? Be frank with yourself, we all lack discipline, and all need a bit of help….It’s OK, if you don’t have it, delegate it…



Third strategy- 3 minutes a day..


It is far more effective to practice a little each day in your own practical environment, than to do training or coaching for a longer time every now and then. Remember how you have learned to read, walk, talk and cycle. Did you read a book or complete a course first, and then start practicing? Or did you learn a little bit each day, by just doing?





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In the meantime: keep your eyes on the ball!






P.s. Read the full article about Microsoft’s Experiment here.