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What’s Your One Thing?

If you had to name One Thing, what is it that you REALLY want?


Let’s say you want to be more productive at work, yet you want to work less but at the same time get at the same amount done (or preferably more…) – because more available time and energy means a more comfortable lifestyle, health, quality of relations. As a result, you desire more fulfillment in life, as well as more time for yourself, your family, and your friends.


You want less?


And You want more?


Now you can have both; Work less and Achieve more.


The One Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan was named one of the top five business books of 2013 by Hudson’s Booksellers. This book breaks down the best approach to achieving productivity to guide away from distractions and stress. The authors explained in detail how to be more focused on your work, have the energy to pursue, and reach your success. Many of our activities are unrelated to productivity because they are not as important to others. Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s book is based on the simple idea that you need to go small and want less if you want more in life.


You will learn how to do the following in One Thing:


●      Reduce the level of stress

●      Get better results in less time

●      Generate momentum toward your goal

●      Recharge your batteries

●      Get rid of that overwhelmed feeling

●      Keep on track

●      Master what is important to you


I do NOT consider myself a ‘master’ in all above areas (ask my wife and children…), yet over the years I managed to get better at some of these, which already makes my work and private life so much more fun and fulfilling. It all starts by finding out your “One Thing”. It will be the source of your happiness and also the basis of your strength.


Now ask yourself, what’s Your One Thing?

The Visual Mind Map is your guide on how to re-organize your thoughts and construct your mindset. ‘The One Thing’ delivers extraordinary results in every area of your life – work, personal, family and spiritual.


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