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Become The Ultimate Sales Machine With These 12 Key Strategies


This week’s summary is based on the book: The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes.


If you want your company to market more, earn more, and transform into an Ultimate Sales Machine.


According to Chet Holmes, you can surpass the competition and your expectations by simply following one piece of advice.


His advice starts with one simple concept: FOCUS!


Chet Holmes a strategic mastermind and a business growth expert helps business leaders transform their company into an Ultimate Sales Machine. For him you need to relentlessly focus on the few critical skill areas that will make a significant difference in your company instead of attempting to master four thousand strategies to improve business.

There are three vital areas we need to master in business: management, marketing, and sales.

Holmes breaks down 12 proven strategies on how exactly to do that. Built and established by himself, these strategies develop and train business owners and their employees.


Boost Your Business by Focusing on these 12 Key Strategies:

  1. Utilize your limited time wisely
  2. Set high standards as well as provide individual employee training
  3. Hold regular company meetings to inform and train your entire workforce.
  4. Create a brilliant strategy and educate your customer.
  5. Attract and recruit superstars
  6. Concentrate on your top prospects
  7. Improve your marketing strategies
  8. Improve your presentation
  9. Improve your company’s sales process
  10. Improve your personal selling abilities
  11. Bond with your client through follow-up and follow-through
  12. Set aggressive goals and systematically track your progress over time.


The Visual Mind Map is your guide to marketing your business by focusing on 12 key strategies.‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’ will put you and your business right on track to success.


Here is the Visual Mind Map of ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’ by Chet Holmes click here.


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