7 Life lessons from Marcus Aurelius’ Book “Meditations”

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

― Marcus Aurelius

Meditation is maybe the only record of its kind ever created. It is the private contemplations of the world's most influential man offering guidance to himself on the best way to follow through on the duties and commitments of his positions.

Marcus Aurelius was a great Roman emperor. But he was also a great philosopher. In his book Meditations, based on concepts of Greek Stoicism, he reflects on his role in the universe, about death, about the order of things, and about concepts like good and evil.

Come to know a little about the mind of one of the most famous philosophers in the world!


Learn to accept the bad situations of life, to find meaning in things, and to empathize with others! Find out more in this Visual Mind Map.

Here is a Visual Mind Map of "Meditations by Marcus Aurelius" click here.

If you want to have the A3 poster version download the PDF here.

You can read the one-pager executive summary by clicking here.

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