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Talking with a TopMind!

TopMinds has the privilege and honor to learn so much from our clients, and work with many great leaders over the past decade. Hoping to share this knowledge with you has resulted in an initiative named: TopMind Talks.

TopMind Talks is a series of interviews about leadership and the practice of leadership. A series where I interview one client, a 'TopMind', each time about their experience, and what they do for their own wellbeing and success.foto-Alexander-sept-2019.jpg#asset:1446:small

In our first episode of TopMind Talks, I talk with Alexander Pechtold. Alexander, as many of you know, has been a key political leader over the past 12 years. Who helped grow his political party from 3 seats to 19 seats in the Dutch Parliament and has been one of the top partners of the current stable government since the economic crisis in 2008.

I have had the privilege to work extensively with Alexander as his personal coach, (or as we’d rather call it, his ‘Leadership Fitness Trainer’). I got to know Alexander as an honest, warm, witty and dedicated person. To the public, he is known as a leader who held his private life exclusive. However, he has made an exception for TopMind and given us a glimpse into his (leadership) life.

Alexander and I have made a series of 7 small interviews, where he elaborates on 7 different leadership lessons. You'll get all of these leadership lessons sent right to your inbox if you are on our mailing list. If you are NOT on our mailing list yet, you can subscribe here.

We hope this is of value to you. Please share this with others via the social media icons above, and let us know how we can be beneficial for your TopMind!

In the meantime keep your eyes on the ball!


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