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How to Work Less and Get More Done in 2022!

Are You Ready for 2022? 

You want to work less in 2022? But need at least to get the same amount done (or preferably more)? Well, this week’s topic is for you.

Most of us have long task-lists and well filled agendas with back to back meetings and think this to be their planning systems. But do you really ‘plan’ yourself or are you ‘being planned’ by others?

Based on major scientific discoveries in neurosciences, we can serve ourselves so much better by implementing a daily planning habit (see video).

As a leader, who gets rushed with piles of paperworks and endless meetings, we often fail to organize the most important thing that matters most – OURSELVES AND the things that really matters most.

My clients have taught me that the most successful people were always on time, never seemed rushed or stressed, and we’re always present and prepared. I was perplexed by this, as it had nothing to do with the hectic nature of their jobs. As a result, I began reading books about successful people’s winning habits. I also questioned some of my successful clients about their habits.

Three things I discovered after studying these High Performers:

1. They had their GOALS written out DAILY!

2. They deliberately took time to be silent, reflect and learn, DAILY!

3. They all had a notebook where they logged their insights, DAILY!

This Year, we, in the TopMind Company, want to help you get through 2022 by PLANNING and KEEPING TRACK AHEAD OF THINGS. Because who doesn’t want an organized calendar of activities, right?

They say the best solution to unproductive days is forming a Habit of Daily Planning.

Well, great news!

We are giving away a FREE Electronic Version of the TopMind Planner that will help you keep your eyes on the ball

Key Benefits of Planning:

  • Clear Goals – Many people seem to work hard but they don’t seem to get anywhere. In order to finish what you have started. You must first create a big picture of what you want to do with your life. Second, break this down to smaller targets. Once you have your plan, you can start working to achieve these goals. Because CLEAR Goals are still better than SMART goals.

  • Less Complexity – Most planners concentrate on (long) to-do lists that seem impossible to complete. When planning your day, strive for consistency and flexibility rather than perfection. Complex problems require constant management. The TopMind Planner helps you concentrate your list for less complexity and achievement.

  • Leadership Growth – The TopMind Planner is designed to help you develop your Leadership Fitness. Fitness is a word that encompasses every aspect of our lives, and when it comes to being a great leader, you need to have a fitness leadership mindset to guarantee the success of your goals.

This planner not only raises your mental clarity but also helps you focus on what truly matters.

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