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Managing Finances is a SKILL! Learn The 5 Basics Now

“I’d rather be happy than rich” but my Rich Dad said “Why not be both”? – Robert Kiyosaki

I have recently published my new book, written for coaching colleagues. The book is called ‘From Poor Coach to Rich Coach’. I have had a lot of remarks and emails about the title. ‘Being Rich’ is not what it is about in coaching’. ‘I’m not interested in money, so why read the book’. It is very ‘American’ etc. etc. What is it that we have against the word “Rich” or “Money”?


It is as if we need to choose between being happy and doing good for others or making money. Why not do both? What if both are different sides of the same coin?


Let’s explore this dilemma, guided by one of the biggest bestsellers ever written. And we will see that it is indeed NOT about money….but again (how could it be otherwise) about…Mindset.


Robert Kiyosaki, author of the #1 Best-selling personal finance book, “Rich Dad or Poor Dad”, talks about how to use money as a tool for wealth development. In this book, he shares the story of his two dads: one dad, who was well educated and an employee all his life; and his second dad who took the path of entrepreneurship which contributed a lot to shaping his thoughts about money and real assets.


It all starts with a RICH MINDSET.


Change your attitude and create a good mindset. Beat laziness and arrogance because the single most powerful asset we all have?… is our MIND.


Second, consider investing in something that builds wealth or generates cash. In simple words, build more assets and minimize your liabilities. As an example: Invest in stocks rather than buying fancy material things or the newest new iPhone that could eat up your money and put a hole in your financial growth and management.


Third, be wise and literate in handling your finances. We have two options in life: Either, work hard to allocate 50% in taxes and save what’s left or develop our financial intelligence and be rich! You choose.

Kiyosaki says: As a businessman for many years now, it’s hard for me to develop this right kind of mindset but as I go along my path and journey I have somehow learned this idea:


“A sign of true financial independence and building wealth lies in the mindset of managing your money.”


The following are some tips on how to manage your money:


1. Use basic accounting knowledge to manage your assets and liabilities.

2. Stocks are a good place to put your money. Learn the ins and outs of investing.

3. Make a “I want” and a “I don’t want” list to keep you motivated on your path to wealth. (For example, I want to retire at the age of 50.)

4. Commit to lifelong learning and personal growth. They are the most valuable and powerful assets.

5. Control your emotions. When it comes to money, our emotions trump our financial intelligence.


The Visual Mind Map is your guide on how to build high-quality assets and make money work for you. ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ teaches you why financial education is important and develop the right mindset when it comes to money.


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