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My interview with Wim Hof (video)

Last January I spent a week in Poland with Wim ‘The Iceman’ Hof (you can read all about it in my blog ‘A TopMind™ in the Freezing Cold …’.) During this week Wim made us do things I never imagined possible, like hiking for hours in our shorts up mountains, bathing in ice-cold water, and yoga in the snow (snoga). All through Wim’s incredibly inspiring and simple breathing techniques, which improve happiness and health.


For those who are interested in ways to improve their own health and happiness, I share my personal interview with Wim. In this interview, he talks about his techniques and how to integrate them into your own busy life. I hope this will serve you.

Keep your eyes on the ball!



ps: many thanks to Enahm Hof and all the people from Innerfire for the video-material.