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TopMind in Top Scientific Journal!

TopMind in Top Scientific Journal!




Effects of TopMind Training in an international scientific journal


TopMind Training was researched by the University of Amsterdam (AMC) in 2013. Significant effects were found, and in November 2015 an article was published in an internationally renowned medical journal (The International Journal of Surgery).


Great news for us, but even more so for all those people motivated to start training and reap the benefits of a fit mind too!



Empathy, stress reduction, specialty satisfaction and increased focus were the effects found in a mixed method pilot study of 21 surgical residents in 2013 conducted by the University of Amsterdam (AMC).



TopMind was founded in 2008 with the objective of helping business people and athletes to improve the fitness of their minds and, more specifically, their ability to focus.



Basing our ideas on academic discoveries in neurology and (positive) psychology in the west and centuries of wisdom in the east we composed an accessible, self-help training approach. This system consists among other things of a toolkit with practical focus-enhancing techniques to use in daily life.



Ways to be sure that this type of training truly works are:


to have it applied by professional sports-athletes, where the results are reflected clearly in improved scores and results, AND to have it researched academically. The first we have already done for years, but the academic testing has now finally been carried out too.



Interested to read the academic article and up for some ‘mind-boggling’ academic and statistical stuff? 

read the full article in the International Journal of Surgery here….




Or if you want to read a ‘lighter’ version read the abstract (summary) here…